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Community Behavioral Health

Community Behavioral Health (CBH) is a not-for-profit 501c (3) corporation contracted by the City of Philadelphia to provide mental health and substance abuse services for Philadelphia County Medicaid recipients. 

CBH Notice of Privacy Practices

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Supported through state funding, CBH works in partnership with the City of Philadelphia and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to provide vital behavioral health services. Today, CBH is responsible for providing behavioral health coverage for the City’s 420,000 Medicaid recipients. Its primary activities include:

  • Authorizing payment for behavioral health services
  • Requiring provider agencies to deliver effective and medically necessary services
  • Achieving management and operational efficiencies to lower healthcare costs

For more information about CBH, call (215) 413-3100.

Information related to Community Behavioral Health's governing documents, conflict of interest policy, financial statements, and Forms 990 are available upon request. To obtain this information, please submit a written request to:

Community Behavioral Health
Attn: CBH Secretary/Treasurer
Finance Department
801 Market Street, 7th Floor
Philadelphia, PA  19107

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