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Welcome to the Department of Behavioral Health and Intellectual Disabilities Services

Department of Behavioral Health and Intellectual disAbility Services


Division of Administration, Finance, and Quality

The Division of Administration, Finance, and Quality has an overarching responsibility to support the efforts of all DBHIDS divisions in alignment with a health economics approach. The division supports the provision of services in a fiscally responsible manner to ensure the sustainment of programs and the ability to continually improve.

As with all divisions of DBHIDS, the division’s ultimate goal is to meet the needs of all Philadelphians, focusing specifically on quality, value, and outcomes.

The subdivisions include:

  • Finance
  • Administrative Management (Operations)
  • Grants & Procurement
  • Education and Training
  • Human Resources & Workplace Wellness
  • Data Governance
  • Information Management & IT services

Fiscal Responsibility & Resource Management

The Division of Administration, Finance and Quality’s focus on finance, fiscal responsibility, and management—and the importance of these factors in sustaining resources—helps DBHIDS seek out reinvestment opportunities, secure grant funding, and manage resources so programs receive what they need to develop, grow, and sustain to address Philadelphia’s needs.

Systems Approach

At the Division of Administration, Finance and Quality, we believe knowledge is empowerment. Part of our mission is to ensure that our internal and external communities make better decisions.  The division works with stakeholders to develop strategies to create new programs, evaluate existing programs, and impact high priority areas across the Department. A systems approach allows the division to work with internal and external stakeholders to address the social determinants that affect the health of all residents. The division works directly with state and local partners, subdivisions, and internal staff to develop and fund programs, inform data, support program leadership, and identify and dedicate appropriate resources where they are needed most.