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Drug-Free Coalitions

What is a Drug-Free Coalition?

Drug-free coalitions are community-based groups located in a defined neighborhood or ZIP code. Coalitions tackle specific issues that have a negative impact on the community. People included in a drug-free coalition represent: parents, youth, civic/volunteer organizations, youth-serving organizations, school, businesses, law enforcement, health professionals, religious/fraternal organizations, state/local/tribal government, substance abuse organizations and media. The now called “12 Sector Members” convene a small group to discuss the problems on the accessibility and availability of drugs and alcohol that have a negative impact the success of youth and the safety of the community. In reducing the presence of drugs and alcohol, the coalition has the opportunity to identify funding streams for application submission and to participate in trainings that assistance in guiding the process for the coalition to develop short-term, intermediate and long-term goals for sustainability.

Who is eligible for this training and funding opportunity?

Organizations with current nonprofit status 501(c)3 located in Philadelphia County.

How can this service help?

This service can support making environmental changes based on information and feedback from residence. The partnerships that are formed can offer resources, such as listening sessions, to parents and youth around the dangers of drugs. In mobilizing youth to become tomorrow’s leaders, this group can facilitate peer-to-peer information sharing through a variety of methods of engagement.

Where to get help

DBHIDS, in partnership with The Office of Addiction Services, is working with the Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America and the National Guard Joint Counter Drug Task Force, and has created a 10-month training focused on community engagement with a goal of fostering drug-free communities. This partnership is sponsored through The Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP) and Substance Abuse and Mental Health Service Administration (SAMHSA).

For registration to participate in the 10-month Philadelphia Coalition Academy Training, please complete this online assessment.


For additional information contact Michelle Heyward at mheyward@pmhcc.org.