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Welcome to the Department of Behavioral Health and Intellectual Disabilities Services

Department of Behavioral Health and Intellectual disAbility Services


IDS Current Initiatives

The DBHIDS Division of Intellectual disAbility Services (IDS) is proud to be involved in numerous programs that seek to assist individuals with intellectual disability. Among our current initiatives are:

Everyone Communicates: Communications Champions

Well, of course, everyone communicates . . .right? But as we know, not everyone communicates using words. Even then it can be difficult to understand what someone is trying to communicate.

Employment 1st: Connecting Talent to Opportunities

Employment 1st focuses on core values, beliefs, tools, strategies, tips, and techniques that will move employment forward in our region. The emphasis is on current legislative efforts and how they will impact employment services in Philadelphia and beyond.


LifeSharing is an alternative living arrangement that places individuals with intellectual disability in Philadelphia of all ages within a caring household designed to provide a supportive environment to facilitate community integration and individual enrichment.

LifeSharing is recognized as both a close personal relationship and a place to live. LifeSharers offer individuals the opportunity to be part of a family and to participate in community life.

Community Collaborative

The Philadelphia Regional Collaborative is a group of partners who have come together to think differently about what it means to support people with disabilities and their families in having the best life possible.

That All May Worship

Everyone has the right to be welcomed in the place of worship of their choice. Disability should never be a barrier to inclusion. This committee works together to create toolkits that will remove barriers to the full participation of people with disabilities in congregations and places of worship.

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