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Welcome to the Department of Behavioral Health and Intellectual Disabilities Services

Department of Behavioral Health and Intellectual disAbility Services

Division of Planning Innovation

The Division of Planning Innovation develops and implements strategies to advance the transformation of Philadelphia’s behavioral health system to a recovery-oriented system of care using Public Health strategies. The key goals of this transformation include:
  • Shift the treatment focus from “stabilization” to recovery responsive to the needs of people in recovery
  • Empower people to direct their recovery journey
  • Recognize and engage treatment providers, family members, and community-based supports and organizations as valuable partners in the recovery process
  • Help people move beyond their limitations and toward fulfilling lives in the community
In order to advance this transformation, the Division of Planning Innovation develops a frameworks and strategies for the change process as well as initiatives that will advance the transformation. The key units within the Division include:
  • Community Wellness Engagement Unit -multilingual engagement team providing greater access to wellness-related resources and support for all communities.
  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Team – shifting the culture in a bold way by collecting, reporting, monitoring data, and building partnerships with various stakeholders.
  • Trauma Transformation Unit– fostering a greater awareness and understanding of the unique needs of individuals affected by trauma
  • Community-based Service Development Unit – developing partnerships, strategies and resources to help people in recovery successfully integrate into their communities
  • Research Unit – applies tools from research, epidemiology, and evaluation fields to support decision making in DBHIDS
  • Peer Culture and Community Inclusion Unit – actively engages, supports, and models the promotion of hope, wellness and empowerment throughout the Behavioral Health system of Philadelphia and beyond