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Philadelphia’s Donna Bullock will replace Sister Mary Scullion as Project HOME’s leader

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Donna Bullock, a Democratic state legislator who lives in Strawberry Mansion and grew up sleeping on couches in other people’s houses, will become CEO of Project HOME, the nationally renowned anti-homelessness nonprofit.

Bullock, 45, will take over for Sister Mary Scullion, the organization’s president and executive director, as well as for Joan Dawson McConnon, the associate executive director. Both women founded Project HOME in 1989, growing it from a winter shelter in South Philadelphia where volunteers washed dishes in a washing machine to a wide-reaching institution with 1,000 units of housing in 19 residences across the city.

The nonprofit has a $52 million operating budget, one million square feet of real estate, dozens of programs, and a staff of more than 400 that has helped countless people in need find homes, improve their health, become educated, and get jobs.

“I’m inspired by Sister Mary and Joan,” said Bullock, an attorney who once worked as special assistant and counsel to Philadelphia City Council President Darrell Clarke. “I take their lives’ work very seriously. Their view that we don’t have the privilege of being comfortable if there’s a person living on the streets tonight — that ‘None of us are home until all of us are home,’ as their motto says — really resonates with me.”

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