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Department of Behavioral Health and Intellectual disAbility Services


TEC: Addressing Trauma, Achieving Equity, Engaging Community

DBHIDS is committed to TEC, the lens we use to prioritize our work:

  • Addressing Trauma – transform operations to be trauma-responsive and trauma-mitigating
  • Achieving Equity – transform systems to reduce behavioral health disparities and promote racial equity among Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) by intentionally addressing structural and systemic racism
  • Engaging Community – shift services to become increasingly community based which will ensure long-term and sustained impacts of programs

TEC Conference 2024

Join DBHIDS for our second annual TEC Conference. Please save the date for March 21. Further information and details to come. We hope to have you join as presenters, collaborators, and connectors. For more information, please contact andrea.october@phila.gov.

TEC Comprehensive Plan

DBHIDS’ TEC Comprehensive Plan outlines the many ways the Department works to address Trauma, achieve Equity, and engage Community through individual and community-level interventions and immediate and longer-term strategies. Our approach is holistic and our goal is to increase wellness and the quality of life for all Philadelphians.

Addressing Trauma

Addressing Trauma

Trauma is an emotional experience to a single or collection of distressing events that results in challenges managing spiritual, mental, and emotional wellbeing. Trauma poses a significant threat to the overall health and wellbeing of individuals, families, and communities.

The goal of DBHIDS is to transform our operations to be trauma-responsive and trauma-mitigating by reducing traumatic experiences within systems. DBHIDS maintains and develops partnerships, administers programming, and implements evidence-based practices and innovative approaches to address the effects of trauma in the City of Philadelphia.

DBHIDS Trauma Initiatives and Resources

Achieving Equity


Achieving Equity

Equity involves the centering of opportunities and changes to a system so marginalization doesn’t unjustly predict one’s success. DBHIDS believes in a shared understanding and awareness of structural and institutional racism with the end goal of its work being to transform systems to reduce behavioral health disparities and promote racial equity among Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC), ultimately improving outcomes for all.

Learn more about our internal resources that address equity in DBHIDS work

Engaging Community

Engaging Community

Meaningful, inclusive community engagement is vital to overall wellbeing. By incorporating diverse voices, community members are empowered to participate in the programs and services that impact their daily lives.

At DBHIDS, we believe that an engaged community is an informed community. With an emphasis on collaboration and partnerships that create bidirectional opportunities for learning, our goal is to increase access, remove barriers, and develop outcomes that ensure individuals and communities thrive.

DBHIDS engages with community in a variety of ways in order to fully address the Social Determinants and Drivers of Health and ensure access to health-related resources for all Philadelphia residents.

Learn more about what DBHIDS does to engage with the community, including the work of the  DBHIDS Division of Planning Innovation.

TEC Talks and TEC Conference

TEC Talks 

In order to continue to engage with our community in new and dynamic mediums, DBHIDS Commissioner Jill Bowen has created TEC Talk Community Conversations, which features the Commissioner engaging with Community partners and thought leaders in dialogue based around addressing trauma, achieving equity, and engaging community.

Commissioner Bowen also conducts internal TEC Talks with DBHIDS staff members discussing how their work aligns with TEC.

Watch TEC Talk Community Conversations with DBHIDS Commissioner Jill Bowen

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TEC Conference 2023

Read about the inaugural DBHIDS TEC Conference in the Philadelphia Tribune.


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