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Peer Culture Support and Leadership Report Launch (POSTPONED)

Note: This event has been postponed. Additional information will be added once the event has been rescheduled.

DBHIDS is pleased to announce the completion of the Peer Culture Report, A Decade of Peer Culture, Support and Leadership: Igniting Behavioral Health Transformation in Philadelphia. Please join us as we launch the peer culture report and a new web-based Peer-Support Toolkit

You will learn about the recent changes to DBHIDS’ Strategic Planning Division. Learn about DBHIDS Peer Culture and Community Inclusion Unit: Who we are and what we do. Learn about the analysis of impact of a decade of peer culture, support and leadership in Philadelphia. Lessons learned and future direction of Philadelphia systems transformation.

Learn about DBHIDS’ new web-based Peer-Support Toolkit and how to use it for:

  1.  Preparing the Organizational Culture
  2.  Interviewing and Hiring
  3.  Service Delivery
  4.  Supervision and Retention


Division of Planning Innovation

Division of Planning Innovation