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12th annual DBHIDS Faith and Spiritual Affairs Conference

Registration for Department of Behavioral Health and Intellectual disAbility Services Faith and Spiritual Affairs 12th annual Conference, Thriving Together: Children, Families and Community is now open.

The purpose of this year’s conference is to increase awareness of programs and services for children, families and communities of Philadelphia to support their fundamental right to Thrive in the areas of behavioral health, Trauma based services, respite care, health care, education, access to healthy food and community programs. Workshops will be offered by presenters who are experts in traditional and non-traditional programs and services for children, youth and adolescents. The conference will demonstrate how community sectors, can work together effectively to achieve better outcomes for families and communities while cultivating faith or a spiritual life which is an important part of wellness.

DBHIDS is a recovery-oriented system of care which promotes spiritual care, health and wellness for families and communities of Philadelphia. DBHIDS promotes population-based approaches to the primary prevention of stress and risk reduction.

This year, Youth Mental Health First Aid Training for will be offered during the conference!

For more information and to register for the conference please visit the conference site.

Faith and Spiritual Affairs

Faith and Spiritual Affairs