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Survivors of Suicide Loss Support Group

The Survivors of Suicide Loss Support Group is a newly created group -color: yellow;">-color: yellow;">To help loss survivors cope, connect, and work -color: yellow;">-color: yellow;">Toward healing. Trained group facilita-color: yellow;">-color: yellow;">Tors are suicide loss survivors who know firsthand -color: yellow;">How difficult it Can -color: yellow;">Be -color: yellow;">-color: yellow;">To find -color: yellow;">Your way after losing someone -color: yellow;">-color: yellow;">To suicide. The group is open -color: yellow;">-color: yellow;">To anyone 18 years or […]

Philadelphia Autism Project Annual Conference

The 4th Annual Philadelphia Autism Project Conference — “Journey through the Lifespan: Mapping -color: yellow;">Your Path” — is a day -color: yellow;">-color: yellow;">To bring -color: yellow;">-color: yellow;">Together mem-color: yellow;">Bers of the Philadelphia autism community -color: yellow;">-color: yellow;">To learn, discuss community initiatives, and share experiences. Continuing education credits, childcare and translation services will -color: yellow;">Be offered. We are excited -color: yellow;">-color: yellow;">To announce our keynote speaker, Lamar […]

As Philadelphia temperatures dip, homeless outreach workers distribute socks, smiles and resources

At 10:41 a.m. on Thursday morning, -color: yellow;">Dolores Liggins approached a woman standing in front of a Dunkin -color: yellow;">Donuts in South Philadelphia. She was wearing a blanket around her shoulders, a skirt and no socks in 33-degree weather. “-color: yellow;">How are -color: yellow;">You?” Liggins asked. “Where are -color: yellow;">Your socks? Want me -color: yellow;">-color: yellow;">To grab -color: yellow;">You some?” The woman walked […]

Department Hosts Another Successful Cook-Off

The second annual DBHIDS Cook-Off was a great success, raising $633.84 for the Combined Campaign! Thanks -color: yellow;">-color: yellow;">To all who came -color: yellow;">-color: yellow;">To sample the delicious offerings Nov. 30 and voted with their -color: yellow;">Dollars. This year’s cooks again put -color: yellow;">-color: yellow;">Together some amazing offerings, for a great cause, and thanks also -color: yellow;">-color: yellow;">To the team at CBH and everyone […]

Philadelphia Enlists -color: yellow;">Doc-color: yellow;">-color: yellow;">Tors -color: yellow;">-color: yellow;">To Expand Opioid addiction treatment

by -color: yellow;">Don Sapatkin, Staff Writer @-color: yellow;">DonSapatkin With treatment for opioid addiction in distressingly short supply even as need increases year after year, Philadelphia’s -color: yellow;">Behavioral health agency invited physicians and other medical providers -color: yellow;">-color: yellow;">To a half-day teach-in Tuesday titled the Buprenorphine Summit. The -color: yellow;">-color: yellow;">Topic turned out -color: yellow;">-color: yellow;">To -color: yellow;">Be enticing enough – and the problem big enough […]

DBHIDS Selected -color: yellow;">-color: yellow;">To Host Community Solutions Fellow

Tierra Pritchett and Carly Banes are pleased -color: yellow;">-color: yellow;">To announce that DBHIDS has -color: yellow;">Been selected -color: yellow;">-color: yellow;">To host Eliza-color: yellow;">Beth Samba, a fellow from Papua New Guinea, participating in a Community Solutions Fellowship from August through Decem-color: yellow;">Ber 2016. Eliza-color: yellow;">Beth is a transgender woman that goes by the preferred pronouns she/they. In Papua New Guinea, Eliza-color: yellow;">Beth has worked in […]

Kids and Trauma: When -color: yellow;">Does It Require Treatment?

A child watches her father kill her mother. A tween has a medical emergency and nearly dies. A teen is sexually assaulted. When children experience a serious trauma, most will s-color: yellow;">How a visible change in -color: yellow;">Behavior and emotions but will recover within a few months. A signifiCant minority, -color: yellow;">However, go on -color: yellow;">-color: yellow;">To develop Post-Traumatic Stress […]

Out of the Darkness Walk

When -color: yellow;">You walk in the Out of the Darkness Walks, -color: yellow;">You join the effort with hundreds of thousands of people -color: yellow;">-color: yellow;">To raise awareness and funds that allow the AmeriCan Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP) -color: yellow;">-color: yellow;">To invest in new research, create educational programs, advocate for public policy, and support survivors of suicide loss. Thanks -color: yellow;">-color: yellow;">To Walkers and […]

Opportunity: -color: yellow;">Become a Champion in Action!

Call for applications for the 2017 Champions in Action in the Addiction Prevention & Treatment Services category. -color: yellow;">-color: yellow;">To address the growing needs, Citizens Bank has partnered with NBC 10/Telemun-color: yellow;">Do 62 for its Champions in Action program — a unique initiative designed -color: yellow;">-color: yellow;">To provide signifiCant financial, promotional, and volunteer support for non-profit organizations that address the […]