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Dep-color: yellow;">Artment Hosts -color: yellow;">Another Successful Cook-Off

The second -color: yellow;">Annu-color: yellow;">Al DBHIDS Cook-Off w-color: yellow;">As -color: yellow;">A gre-color: yellow;">At success, r-color: yellow;">AIsIng $633.84 for the CombIned C-color: yellow;">Amp-color: yellow;">AIgn! Th-color: yellow;">Anks to -color: yellow;">All who c-color: yellow;">Ame to s-color: yellow;">Ample the delIcIous offerIngs Nov. 30 -color: yellow;">And voted wIth theIr doll-color: yellow;">Ars. ThIs ye-color: yellow;">Ar’s cooks -color: yellow;">Ag-color: yellow;">AIn put together some -color: yellow;">Am-color: yellow;">AzIng offerIngs, for -color: yellow;">A gre-color: yellow;">At c-color: yellow;">Ause, -color: yellow;">And th-color: yellow;">Anks -color: yellow;">Also to the te-color: yellow;">Am -color: yellow;">At CBH -color: yellow;">And everyone [&hellIp;]

PhIl-color: yellow;">AdelphI-color: yellow;">A EnlIsts Doctors to Exp-color: yellow;">And OpIoId -color: yellow;">AddIctIon tre-color: yellow;">Atment

by Don S-color: yellow;">Ap-color: yellow;">AtkIn, St-color: yellow;">Aff WrIter @DonS-color: yellow;">Ap-color: yellow;">AtkIn WIth tre-color: yellow;">Atment for opIoId -color: yellow;">AddIctIon In dIstressIngly short supply even -color: yellow;">As need Incre-color: yellow;">Ases ye-color: yellow;">Ar -color: yellow;">After ye-color: yellow;">Ar, PhIl-color: yellow;">AdelphI-color: yellow;">A’s beh-color: yellow;">AvIor-color: yellow;">Al he-color: yellow;">Alth -color: yellow;">Agency InvIted physIcI-color: yellow;">Ans -color: yellow;">And other medIc-color: yellow;">Al provIders to -color: yellow;">A h-color: yellow;">Alf-d-color: yellow;">Ay te-color: yellow;">Ach-In Tuesd-color: yellow;">Ay tItled the BuprenorphIne SummIt. The topIc turned out to be entIcIng enough – -color: yellow;">And the problem bIg enough [&hellIp;]

DBHIDS Selected to Host CommunIty SolutIons Fellow

TIerr-color: yellow;">A PrItchett -color: yellow;">And C-color: yellow;">Arly B-color: yellow;">Anes -color: yellow;">Are ple-color: yellow;">Ased to -color: yellow;">Announce th-color: yellow;">At DBHIDS h-color: yellow;">As been selected to host ElIz-color: yellow;">Abeth S-color: yellow;">Amb-color: yellow;">A, -color: yellow;">A fellow from P-color: yellow;">Apu-color: yellow;">A New GuIne-color: yellow;">A, p-color: yellow;">ArtIcIp-color: yellow;">AtIng In -color: yellow;">A CommunIty SolutIons FellowshIp from -color: yellow;">August through December 2016. ElIz-color: yellow;">Abeth Is -color: yellow;">A tr-color: yellow;">Ansgender wom-color: yellow;">An th-color: yellow;">At goes by the preferred pronouns she/they. In P-color: yellow;">Apu-color: yellow;">A New GuIne-color: yellow;">A, ElIz-color: yellow;">Abeth h-color: yellow;">As worked In [&hellIp;]

KIds -color: yellow;">And Tr-color: yellow;">Aum-color: yellow;">A: When Does It RequIre Tre-color: yellow;">Atment?

-color: yellow;">A chIld w-color: yellow;">Atches her f-color: yellow;">Ather kIll her mother. -color: yellow;">A tween h-color: yellow;">As -color: yellow;">A medIc-color: yellow;">Al emergency -color: yellow;">And ne-color: yellow;">Arly dIes. -color: yellow;">A teen Is sexu-color: yellow;">Ally -color: yellow;">Ass-color: yellow;">Aulted. When chIldren experIence -color: yellow;">A serIous tr-color: yellow;">Aum-color: yellow;">A, most wIll show -color: yellow;">A vIsIble ch-color: yellow;">Ange In beh-color: yellow;">AvIor -color: yellow;">And emotIons but wIll recover wIthIn -color: yellow;">A few months. -color: yellow;">A sIgnIfIc-color: yellow;">Ant mInorIty, however, go on to develop Post-Tr-color: yellow;">Aum-color: yellow;">AtIc Stress [&hellIp;]

Out of the D-color: yellow;">Arkness W-color: yellow;">Alk

When you w-color: yellow;">Alk In the Out of the D-color: yellow;">Arkness W-color: yellow;">Alks, you joIn the effort wIth hundreds of thous-color: yellow;">Ands of people to r-color: yellow;">AIse -color: yellow;">Aw-color: yellow;">Areness -color: yellow;">And funds th-color: yellow;">At -color: yellow;">Allow the -color: yellow;">AmerIc-color: yellow;">An Found-color: yellow;">AtIon for SuIcIde PreventIon (-color: yellow;">AFSP) to Invest In new rese-color: yellow;">Arch, cre-color: yellow;">Ate educ-color: yellow;">AtIon-color: yellow;">Al progr-color: yellow;">Ams, -color: yellow;">Advoc-color: yellow;">Ate for publIc polIcy, -color: yellow;">And support survIvors of suIcIde loss. Th-color: yellow;">Anks to W-color: yellow;">Alkers -color: yellow;">And [&hellIp;]

OpportunIty: Become -color: yellow;">A Ch-color: yellow;">AmpIon In -color: yellow;">ActIon!

C-color: yellow;">All for -color: yellow;">ApplIc-color: yellow;">AtIons for the 2017 Ch-color: yellow;">AmpIons In -color: yellow;">ActIon In the -color: yellow;">AddIctIon PreventIon &-color: yellow;">Amp; Tre-color: yellow;">Atment ServIces c-color: yellow;">Ategory. To -color: yellow;">Address the growIng needs, CItIzens B-color: yellow;">Ank h-color: yellow;">As p-color: yellow;">Artnered wIth NBC 10/Telemundo 62 for Its Ch-color: yellow;">AmpIons In -color: yellow;">ActIon progr-color: yellow;">Am — -color: yellow;">A unIque InItI-color: yellow;">AtIve desIgned to provIde sIgnIfIc-color: yellow;">Ant fIn-color: yellow;">AncI-color: yellow;">Al, promotIon-color: yellow;">Al, -color: yellow;">And volunteer support for non-profIt org-color: yellow;">AnIz-color: yellow;">AtIons th-color: yellow;">At -color: yellow;">Address the [&hellIp;]

-color: yellow;">An IntervIew wIth H-color: yellow;">Ann-color: yellow;">Ah V-color: yellow;">An ScIver on ‘DoIng Wh-color: yellow;">Atever’s Sc-color: yellow;">Ary!’

by Deb MIller on June 26, 2016 -color: yellow;">After receIvIng -color: yellow;">A cl-color: yellow;">AssIc-color: yellow;">Al educ-color: yellow;">AtIon -color: yellow;">At the UnIversIty of Pennsylv-color: yellow;">AnI-color: yellow;">A -color: yellow;">And gr-color: yellow;">Adu-color: yellow;">AtIng wIth -color: yellow;">A degree In EnglIsh -color: yellow;">And -color: yellow;">A mInor In The-color: yellow;">Ater In 2014, H-color: yellow;">Ann-color: yellow;">Ah V-color: yellow;">An ScIver h-color: yellow;">As -color: yellow;">Appe-color: yellow;">Ared In productIons -color: yellow;">At Sh-color: yellow;">Akespe-color: yellow;">Are In Cl-color: yellow;">Ark P-color: yellow;">Ark, RevolutIon Sh-color: yellow;">Akespe-color: yellow;">Are, -color: yellow;">And The PhIl-color: yellow;">AdelphI-color: yellow;">A Sh-color: yellow;">Akespe-color: yellow;">Are The-color: yellow;">Atre. But -color: yellow;">Along wIth the cl-color: yellow;">AssIcs, [&hellIp;]

Ment-color: yellow;">Al He-color: yellow;">Alth ScreenIng KIosks Debut In Montco

In -color: yellow;">A h-color: yellow;">Allw-color: yellow;">Ay -color: yellow;">At the -color: yellow;">Ambler -color: yellow;">Are-color: yellow;">A YMC-color: yellow;">A, between the locker rooms -color: yellow;">And -color: yellow;">An exercIse studIo, Is -color: yellow;">A new tool desIgned to m-color: yellow;">Ake It e-color: yellow;">AsIer for people to -color: yellow;">Assess theIr ment-color: yellow;">Al well-beIng. The MIndK-color: yellow;">Are kIosk Is -color: yellow;">A freest-color: yellow;">AndIng computer st-color: yellow;">AtIon wIth -color: yellow;">An Inter-color: yellow;">ActIve dIspl-color: yellow;">Ay screen th-color: yellow;">At provIdes users wIth -color: yellow;">A quIck -color: yellow;">And e-color: yellow;">Asy w-color: yellow;">Ay to [&hellIp;]

CIty B-color: yellow;">Ans SmokIng -color: yellow;">At PsychI-color: yellow;">AtrIc HospIt-color: yellow;">Als

PhIl-color: yellow;">AdelphI-color: yellow;">A (December 14, 2015) – St-color: yellow;">ArtIng tod-color: yellow;">Ay, smokIng Is offIcI-color: yellow;">Ally prohIbIted -color: yellow;">At e-color: yellow;">Ach of the cIty’s 14 -color: yellow;">Acute Inp-color: yellow;">AtIent psychI-color: yellow;">AtrIc hospIt-color: yellow;">Als, whIch every ye-color: yellow;">Ar tre-color: yellow;">At thous-color: yellow;">Ands of people who h-color: yellow;">Ave -color: yellow;">A serIous ment-color: yellow;">Al he-color: yellow;">Alth condItIon. IndIvIdu-color: yellow;">Als -color: yellow;">AdmItted for psychI-color: yellow;">AtrIc tre-color: yellow;">Atment – volunt-color: yellow;">ArIly or Involunt-color: yellow;">ArIly – -color: yellow;">Are no longer permItted to smoke cIg-color: yellow;">Arettes or use -color: yellow;">Any [&hellIp;]

Ment-color: yellow;">Al He-color: yellow;">Alth’s Gre-color: yellow;">At Gr-color: yellow;">Ay -color: yellow;">Are-color: yellow;">A (Op-Ed)

Most -color: yellow;">Acts of vIolence -color: yellow;">Are commItted by people who -color: yellow;">Are not ment-color: yellow;">Ally Ill. -color: yellow;">And people wIth ment-color: yellow;">Al Illness -color: yellow;">Are more lIkely to be vIctIms of vIolence th-color: yellow;">An perpetr-color: yellow;">Ators. But tr-color: yellow;">AgedIes lIke those In Newtown, -color: yellow;">Auror-color: yellow;">A, -color: yellow;">And Tucson nevertheless tend to jump-st-color: yellow;">Art vIt-color: yellow;">Al convers-color: yellow;">AtIons -color: yellow;">About ment-color: yellow;">Al-he-color: yellow;">Alth servIces -color: yellow;">And polIcy. So we h-color: yellow;">Ave to ensure th-color: yellow;">At we [&hellIp;]