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Updated Mask Recommendations Due to the COVID Delta Variant

Phila.gov    July 23, 2021

Via Phila.gov

Health Department Issues New Recommendations Against COVID Delta Variant

In response to a rise in COVID cases, and a small number of children who are ineligible to be vaccinated being hospitalized, the Health Department has developed new recommendations that Philadelphians should follow to help stop the spread of the Delta vvariant of COVID-19.

The most important recommendation continues to be that everyone who is eligible get vaccinated as soon as possible; this is the best way to stop the spread of the Delta variant.

The following recommendations will help further slow the spread while people who are eligible get fully vaccinated, and will help protect children who cannot be vaccinated.

  • The Health Department strongly recommends that everyone, including fully vaccinated people, wear masks in all public indoor places,  
  • Choose outdoor rather than indoor spaces,
  • Avoid crowded indoor spaces,
  • Mask while indoors around people you don’t know are vaccinated,
  • For unvaccinated people, consider double masking while in indoor public spaces.

For more information on the recommendations, see the Health Department’s blog post.


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