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Philadelphia’s String Theory Schools receives free youth mental health first aid training

October 26, 2018

PROJECT 375 joined forces with the Philadelphia Department of Behavioral Health and Intellectual disAbility Services (DBHIDS) to provide free Youth Mental Health First Aid certification training to the teachers and counselors of fifth to 12th grade classes at String Theory Schools in Philadelphia.

Everyone who completed the August training was certified by Mental Health First Aid USA and the National Council for Behavioral Health, ensuring no one is charged a fee to obtain the skills and knowledge necessary to help save a life.

This was PROJECT 375’s largest training to date, hosting more than 250 people. DBHIDS has trained more than 30,000 Philadelphians in Mental Health First Aid from police officers and firefighters to educators, corporate executives, city officials, and community residents.

While the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania mandates all schools have mental health training sessions for teachers, String Theory Schools went above and beyond by bringing in PROJECT 375 and DBHIDS to certify every participant in Mental Health First Aid who completes the sessions. PROJECT 375 Co-founder Michi Marshall spoke to the trainees in attendance and shared her experience through education, advocacy and awareness.

“Philadelphia has made a commitment to offer, at no cost, Mental Health First Aid trainings to all who live, work, or study in our great city. We are thrilled to join forces with PROJECT 375 and String Theory Schools,” said Shemiah Cooper, health program manager for Philadelphia’s DBHIDS Mental Health First Aid Unit. “DBHIDS offers free Mental Health First Aid trainings everywhere and to everyone, and we will continue to provide this life-saving training until Mental Health First Aid is as common as traditional First Aid/CPR.”

Jason Corosanite, co-founder and CIO of String Theory Schools, was pleased to welcome PROJECT 375 and DBHIDS.

“It is an unusual time for schools when all precautious must be taken,” Corosanite said. “As part of our String Theory Schools’ design elements, we focus on building our students’ academic skills and, at the same time, help them develop a sense of self because we know their mental and social well-being is of prime importance. Partnering with PROJECT 375 and DBHIDS is an extraordinary opportunity to support our students by training the entire faculty and staff who work with fifth to 12th grade students as first responders in the school setting. We are pleased that they will be certified and, therefore, better equipped to address our student mental health needs.”

The training took place Aug. 28 at String Theory Schools, 1600 Vine Street, Philadelphia.



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