Heat Safety Policy

As warmer weather is upon us, please find below links to the DBHIDS Heat Safety Policy and accompanying educational materials. The policy contains safety measures for the following Office of Mental Health and Office of Addiction Services funded programs:  residential programs (includes congregate, individual living arrangements and recovery houses), licensed drug and alcohol facilities, and mental health targeted case management programs. Additionally, the policy applies to certified peer specialist programs. The safety measures entail training, monitoring, and mechanical cooling requirements. Training at provider agencies should be completed by April 15 and copies of sign-in sheets received at Office of Mental Health to the attention of the Director of Mental Health Services, by May 1.

Although the policy applies directly to the types of programs identified above, all DBHIDS funded programs would benefit from implementation of the safety measures; we ask that agency providers share the information with all their programs and that heat safety education be given to program participants on an ongoing basis.  The policy and accompanying training materials as well as flyers that can be posted and handed out are below:

Thank you for your attention to this lifesaving information!