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DBHIDS Statement on Racial and Ethnic Violence

May 25, 2022

The City of Philadelphia Department of Behavioral Health and Intellectual disAbility Services (DBHIDS) stands resolutely in opposition to racial and ethnic violence and to the mindset that continues to feed these horrific acts.

The most recent ruthless acts in Buffalo, N.Y., Dallas, and Laguna Woods, Calif. are incomprehensible. No individual and no community should have to face atrocities because of their racial or ethnic identity. The regularity with which it is happening in our nation is heartbreaking.

DBHIDS joins in the sentiments shared in the Statement from the Mayor’s Office of Public Engagement, the Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, and the Philadelphia Commission on Human Relations Against Racial and Ethnic Violence that reads, in part: “In Philadelphia, we stand with our impacted communities and condemn all expressions of racist hate and violence; they have no place here and should not be anywhere in our nation.”

At DBHIDS, we want you to know that the trauma of these attacks, layered on top of the prolonged trauma of the COVID-19 pandemic, gun violence in our own neighborhoods, centuries of racial discrimination and economic disparity, and more, deeply affect our communities, our loved ones, and ourselves.

DBHIDS, along with the City of Philadelphia and our network of provider partners, have developed numerous supports and services to help people in need. Visit our Boost Your Mood page at DBHIDS.org/Boost for easy access to numerous resources including tip sheets, phone numbers, expert advice, a free and anonymous self-assessment tool, and more. Or call member services at 888-545-2600 to be connected to support and treatment.

It’s OK to not be OK. DBHIDS is here to help.

And also please join me in dedicating ourselves to the memory of those who lost their lives last week in hope of ending this disease of hate.

Thank you,

Jill Bowen, Ph.D.
DBHIDS Commissioner


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