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The Evidence-based Practice and Innovation Center (EPIC) support the implementation, sustainability and accessibility of behavioral health EBPs in Philadelphia.

EPIC Evidence-based Practice (EBP) Program Designation

EPIC EBP Program Designation

The goal of the EPIC EBP Program Designation is to identify and roster providers who are offering high quality evidence-based and evidence-supported practices and to increase the number of individuals who receive evidence-based services. The EPIC EBP Program Designation outlines a set of standards that are expected for implementing an EBP Program and will enable CBH to set up mechanisms for monitoring and incentivizing the delivery of EBPs. Providers who receive the EBP Program Designation will be included on referral lists utilized by CBH Member Services, CBH Clinical Management and made available to behavioral health professionals, members, and the general public.

EBP Designated Programs List

What is the EPIC EBP Program Designation

EBP Independent Practioners Designation
The EBP Designation has been expanded to include Independent Practitioners within the CBH Network. Read the EBP IP Designation notification here. Applications may be requested by emailing

If you are new to EBPs & interested in understanding more, please visit our Introduction to Evidence-based Practices web course.

EPIC EBP Program Designation Background and Guiding Principles
These Guiding Principles provide information about the background and rationale for the development of the EBP Program Designation standards.

Resource Document
This resource document provides examples of tools that can be used to support EBPs in supervision, documentation, quality assurance and outcome monitoring as well as standards for training and certification for several EBPs. Please note: this is not an exhaustive list of resources available for use. Additionally, none of these resources are officially endorsed by CBH or DBHIDS. We will continue to collect additional resources and will be updating this list on a regular basis. If you have a checklist or template that you would like to include please feel free to contact

Frequently Asked Questions
This document contains frequently asked questions regarding the EBP Program Designation. Here, you will find practical questions and answers related to completing the application, eligibility for the designation, as well as the designation process. If you are unable to located your questions in the FAQs document, please email EPIC Operations Specialist Emily Schaffer at

Registration for the EPIC EBP Program Designation Application

To begin an EPIC EBP Program Designation Application, email to receive login credentials. Prior to requesting a login, we encourage you to review the information on the EPIC EBP Program Designation page.

EPIC: Ask For It By Name (AFIBN)

EPIC: Ask For It By Name (AFIBN)


Philadelphia Alliance for Child Trauma Services (PACTS)

PACTS is a network of child-serving systems and organizations that provides evidence-based practices for traumatized youth and their families.


To increase the number of children and families who receive the most effective trauma-specific care in Philadelphia. We will do that by increasing the capacity of our behavioral health partners to offer evidence-based practices to children and families impacted by trauma. We will also increase referrals from all child-serving systems — including physical health, education, Department of Human Services, juvenile justice, and victims’ services — to our PACTS partner agencies.

The Philadelphia Alliance for Child Trauma Services (PACTS) serves youth in Philadelphia who have experienced potentially traumatic events and are living with traumatic stress. Over the past six years, we have improved access, availability and quality of trauma-specific services for children and families.




EPIC Success Stories

EPIC Success Stories

What’s Happening With EBPs in Philadelphia?

What’s Happening With EBPs in Philadelphia?