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About Us

About Us

DBHIDS Communications

Communications aims to promote, elevate, and broaden the mission of DBHIDS. We are committed to ensuring information about DBHIDS is open, proactive, clear and responsive within the Department and across Philadelphia and beyond.

We facilitate all of the Department’s internal and external communications. We work closely with the larger DBHIDS team to provide communications strategies and programs that adhere to the Department’s branding standards to engage and inform multiple audiences.

Our responsibilities include the development and/or management of:

  • Print and online products (e.g. brochures and fliers, invitations, fact sheets, posters, signage)
  • Event publicity
  • Social media
  • Media relations
  • Website content
  • Branding and marketing

Our team’s communications professionals include experts in writing, website design, social media and digital marketing, graphic design, and media relations.


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Division of Community Behavioral Health (CBH)

Division of Community Behavioral Health (CBH)

Division of Intellectual disAbility Services (IDS)

Division of Intellectual disAbility Services (IDS)

EPIC: Ask For It By Name (AFIBN)

EPIC: Ask For It By Name (AFIBN)


Philadelphia Alliance for Child Trauma Services (PACTS)

PACTS is a network of child-serving systems and organizations that provides evidence-based practices for traumatized youth and their families.


To increase the number of children and families who receive the most effective trauma-specific care in Philadelphia. We will do that by increasing the capacity of our behavioral health partners to offer evidence-based practices to children and families impacted by trauma. We will also increase referrals from all child-serving systems — including physical health, education, Department of Human Services, juvenile justice, and victims’ services — to our PACTS partner agencies.

The Philadelphia Alliance for Child Trauma Services (PACTS) serves youth in Philadelphia who have experienced potentially traumatic events and are living with traumatic stress. Over the past six years, we have improved access, availability and quality of trauma-specific services for children and families.




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Community Wellness Engagement Unit

Reducing barriers, neighborhood by neighborhood

In July 2019, DBHIDS launched the Community Wellness Engagement Unit, a multilingual engagement team designed to provide greater access to wellness-related resources and support for all communities within its scope.

CWEU works in some of Philadelphia’s most challenged neighborhoods to meet the people most in need and make sure they get access to the services the City has available to them.

CWEU is a mobile unit that makes use of teams of Certified Peer Specialists, Certified Recovery Specialists, and Behavioral Health Specialists to assess individuals, link them to the appropriate services, and coordinate with agencies and community stakeholders to address any barriers to treatment and wellness.

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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) Team


  • Diversity: The composition of a group – specifically whether different demographics are represented in a group.
  • Equity: The centering of creating opportunities and changes to a space or system so marginalization doesn’t unjustly predict one’s success and ultimately improves outcomes for all.
  • Inclusion: A person or group of people’s abilities to contribute to and fully participate in a space. Inclusion is also the acknowledgement, celebration, and welcoming of individuals’ sense of uniqueness and belonging.

DBHIDS Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Team Vision

DBHIDS believes in a community where everyone can thrive and be authentic and included; has a voice and feels valued; and can achieve health, well-being, and self-determination. DBHIDS celebrates differences and advocates for equity and justice. DBHIDS strives to shift the culture boldly by collecting, reporting, and monitoring data and building partnerships and collaborations with various stakeholders. Above all, DBHIDS recognizes that diversity includes YOU.

DEI Principles



Diversity at DBHIDS recognizes the unique perspectives and needs of Philadelphians in the way we serve individual and community differences by:

  • Ensuring diversity in recruitment, hiring, and promotion policies, procedures, and practices.
  • Creating and promoting safe spaces and training opportunities to increase diversity awareness; and
  • Practicing a culture where everyone participates in addressing disparities.

DEI Principle: EQUITY


Equity at DBHIDS guarantees fair and full access to opportunities and resources by:

  • Ensuring policies, procedures, and practices reflect equity.
  • Creating an impartial environment; and
  • Practicing transparency to promote accountability.



Inclusion at DBHIDS respects and welcomes diverse viewpoints in collective decision-making regardless of race, gender, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, ethnicity, abilities, disabilities, or health care needs by:

  • Ensuring policies, procedures, and practices are inclusive.
  • Creating an environment that empowers individual to contribute without apprehension authentically; and
  • Practicing a culture of belongingness.


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DEI Team Norms

Team Norms

  • Celebrate diversity
  • Advocate for equity
  • Embrace inclusion
  • Demonstrate respect, honesty, accountability and professionalism
  • Value teamwork, collaboration and relationships
  • Model effective and intentional communication
  • Appreciate one another
  • Recognize diversity includes YOU

DEI Team

DEI Team

The six-member Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) team was created in 2019 to have departmental lens on:

  • inspiring a shared vision by promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion throughout the entire DBHIDS and provider systems
  • mitigating disparities; utilizing data, research, and community input for program development; and standardizing clinical quality management tools and protocols
  • providing support to the DBHIDS staff, as well as to the provider community and special populations.

We operate from a three-pronged approach: research, data, and community input to inform our work. Through collaboration, we will model inclusive work practices to promote diverse perspectives, creative viewpoints, and innovative ideas by working collaboratively across all six divisions and all four HR components while implementing department-wide workgroups reflective of staff from all levels. We will work to develop a more equitable work culture.

DEI P.A.C.E. Objectives

DEI P.A.C.E. Objectives

1. Enhance economic and equitable inclusion for the Department’s contracted and subcontracted Minority/Women/Disabled-owned Business Enterprises (MWDBE);
2. Monitor and access the clinical quality of the Department’s DEI practices and attitudes while addressing the DEI needs of its workforce; and
3. Collaborate with behavioral health providers to diversify to increase cultural humility and linguistic competencies to promote inclusive service delivery.

DEI Five-Year Plan

Five-Year Plan

Over the next five years, the Diversity, Equity & Inclusion team will lead the charge and model the way by supporting quality management functions related to DEI by:

  • utilizing data for decision making and contributing to policy and program development for the Department and provider systems;
  • developing mechanisms to manage and standardize DEI;
  • increasing provider recruitment and retention of a diverse workforce reflective of the populations served;
  • providing leadership and coordination of clinical and provider-related quality activities associated to DEI including relevant MWDSBE providers and subcontractors;
  • enhancing reviews and quality improvement projects and evaluations;
  • promoting and enhancing awareness and understanding of DEI through a range of quality management activities and projects.

EPIC Success Stories

EPIC Success Stories