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Network Inclusion Criteria

[DOWNLOAD PDF] Network Inclusion Criteria (NIC) 3.0

Section I: Network Inclusion Criteria Overview
  • Vision of Network Excellence
  • Philadelphia Behavioral Health Services Transformation
  • The Network Improvement & Accountability Collaborative
  • The Network Inclusion Criteria Domains and an Organizational Focus
Section II: NIC Review Process and Scoring
  • Structure of NIC Domains and Organizational Focus: Standards and Associated Practices
  • Tabulating Level of Care Score
  • Network Recognition Levels
Section III: Network Inclusion Criteria: Comprehensive Detail on Standards & Practices
  • Foundations of Excellence in Service Delivery
    • Standard A: Creating Excellence in Agency Staffing and Development
    • Standard B: Conducting Supervision in a Recovery/Resilience-Oriented Environment
    • Standard C: Determining Quality of Care and Outcomes
  • Domain 1: Assertive Outreach and Initial Engagement
    • Standard A: Promoting Easy Access and Responsive Engagement
    • Standard B: Facilitating Early Intervention
  • Domain 2: Screening, Assessment, Service Planning and Delivery
    • Standard A: Assuring Responsive Triage/Prescreening
    • Standard B: Conducting Strength-Based Assessments and Evaluations
    • Standard C: Advancing Excellence in Resilience/Recovery Planning and the Delivery of Services
    • Standard D: Ensuring Safe and Effective Medication Practices
  • Domain 3: Continuing Support and Early Re-Intervention
    • Standard A: Embracing Comprehensive Continuing Support
  • Domain 4: Community Connection and Mobilization
    • Standard A: Energizing Children, Youth and Adult Peer Culture, Support and Leadership
    • Standard B: Strengthening Community Inclusion and Mobilization
    • Standard C: Integrating Physical and Behavioral Health Services
  • Single County Authority (SCA) Addendum
    • Standard A: Increased Practice Alignment for Substance Use Services