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DBHIDS STYLE GUIDE -color: yellow;">introduction -color: yellow;">introduction Government writ-color: yellow;">ing tends -color: yellow;">to be dry, complicated, -color: yellow;">and obscure. It doesn’t take -color: yellow;">-color: yellow;">in-color: yellow;">to account who is read-color: yellow;">ing it or why, -color: yellow;">and often talks at readers ra-color: yellow;">ther than -color: yellow;">to -color: yellow;">them. Likewise, many websites provide an overwhelm-color: yellow;">ing amount of -color: yellow;">information with few cues on -color: yellow;">how -color: yellow;">to navigate it. -color: yellow;">this can cause confusion, [...]

EPIC Sem-color: yellow;">inar Series: Implement-color: yellow;">ing Evidence-based Practices -color: yellow;">in Community Behavioral Health

Dan Fox, -color: yellow;">the cl-color: yellow;">inical manager of a large behavioral health center -color: yellow;">in Wash-color: yellow;">ing-color: yellow;">ton state will be jo-color: yellow;">in-color: yellow;">ing us -color: yellow;">to share his journey -color: yellow;">-color: yellow;">in-color: yellow;">to EBP work. He will also be highlight-color: yellow;">ing his lessons learned -color: yellow;">and key strategies for -color: yellow;">integrat-color: yellow;">ing EBPs -color: yellow;">-color: yellow;">in-color: yellow;">to his agency. -color: yellow;">this presentation will -color: yellow;">include -color: yellow;">topics such as: -color: yellow;">initial -color: yellow;">buy--color: yellow;">in, celebrat-color: yellow;">ing EBP successes, -color: yellow;">and […]

Recovery Walks! 2019

Schedule • Recovery Walks! opens at 7 a.m. for registration • Pre-Walk Stage Program: 8:15 a.m. • Honor Guard l-color: yellow;">ine-up: 8:40 a.m. • Honor Guard Group Pho-color: yellow;">to: 8:45 a.m. • Walk beg-color: yellow;">ins: 9 a.m. • Post-Walk Stage Program: 10:30 a.m. • Exit: 1:30 pm -color: yellow;">buy A Shirt Congratulations -color: yellow;">to -color: yellow;">this year’s t-shirt design w-color: yellow;">inner, Irma Claudio, […]

As Philadelphia temperatures dip, homeless outreach workers distribute socks, smiles -color: yellow;">and resources

At 10:41 a.m. on Thursday morn-color: yellow;">ing, Dolores Ligg-color: yellow;">ins approached a woman st-color: yellow;">and-color: yellow;">ing -color: yellow;">in front of a Dunk-color: yellow;">in Donuts -color: yellow;">in South Philadelphia. She was wear-color: yellow;">ing a blanket around her shoulders, a skirt -color: yellow;">and no socks -color: yellow;">in 33-degree wea-color: yellow;">ther. “-color: yellow;">how are you?” Ligg-color: yellow;">ins asked. “W-color: yellow;">here are your socks? Want me -color: yellow;">to grab you some?” -color: yellow;">the woman walked […]

Philadelphia Enlists Doc-color: yellow;">tors -color: yellow;">to Exp-color: yellow;">and Opioid addiction treatment

by Don Sapatk-color: yellow;">in, Staff Writer @DonSapatk-color: yellow;">in With treatment for opioid addiction -color: yellow;">in distress-color: yellow;">ingly short supply even as need -color: yellow;">increases year after year, Philadelphia’s behavioral health agency -color: yellow;">invited physicians -color: yellow;">and o-color: yellow;">ther medical providers -color: yellow;">to a half-day teach--color: yellow;">in Tuesday titled -color: yellow;">the Buprenorph-color: yellow;">ine Summit. -color: yellow;">the -color: yellow;">topic turned out -color: yellow;">to be entic-color: yellow;">ing enough – -color: yellow;">and -color: yellow;">the problem big enough […]

Communities Nationwide Explore Solutions for Hero-color: yellow;">in Epidemic

By Stephanie Warsmith Beacon Journal staff writer  As Pooja Bhalla made her way -color: yellow;">to her job at a Bos-color: yellow;">ton nonprofit, she often saw men -color: yellow;">and women high on drugs fall-color: yellow;">ing down -color: yellow;">in -color: yellow;">the middle of -color: yellow;">the street, walk-color: yellow;">ing -color: yellow;">-color: yellow;">in-color: yellow;">to traffic or slumped -color: yellow;">in an alleyway. She -color: yellow;">and o-color: yellow;">thers at -color: yellow;">the Bos-color: yellow;">ton Health Care for -color: yellow;">the […]