Download the PDF: Practice Guidelines 1.1


  • Aligning Concepts

    Changing how we think

  • Aligning Practice

    Changing how we use language and practices at all levels; implementing values based change

  • Aligning Context

    Changing regulatory environment, policies and procedures, community support

The Practice Guidelines for Resilience and Recovery Oriented Treatment represent the next phase in the evolution of Philadelphia’s behavioral health system. Together people in recovery, their family members, treatment providers, advocates and system administrators have developed a shared vision which has been blended with the lessons learned from Philadelphia’s transformation efforts over the past 30 years.

The Practice Guidelines Framework includes:

What is the purpose?
The guidelines are meant to help providers implement services and supports that promote resilience, recovery and wellness in children, youth, adults and families. The strategies offered are examples of the types of activities and services that providers can implement.
Who should use this?
The guidelines apply to all treatment providers and individuals who are reimbursed for working in a provider organization at all levels of care. However, they are not intended to encapsulate all possible services or supports that promote recovery and resilience.