Human Resources

Health and Human Resources



Worksite Lactation Support Policy (Executive Order)
Support and Resources

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Acknowledgement Form
Confidentiality Policy (Memorandum)
Confidentiality Policy
Acknowledgement Form
Online Training

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Domestic or Sexual Violence Leave

CSR 22.17: Leave to Address Domestic or Sexual Violence
Unpaid Leave Due to Domestic or Sexual Violence

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Drug and Alcohol

Drug and Alcohol Policy (Executive Order)
Employee Education Program

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Leave Time

Family Medical Leave Act — Guidelines for City of Philadelphia Employees
Leave Allowance and Compassionate for Non-Civil Service Officers and Employees (Ad Board Rule #11)
Leave Request Procedure Reminder for Paid Leave
Sick Leave Rules and Regulations/Funeral Leave (Memorandum)
Sick Leave Rules and Regulations
W Time Policy Reminder

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City Law Department — Political Activity Guide
Life Insurance Benefits Information Sheet
Department of Public Health Employee Handbook
Prohibition of Acceptance of Gifts (Executive Order)
Prohibition of Nepotism

2018 Benefits Enrollment Guide

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Office of Human Resources — City of Philadelphia

Civil Service (Class) Residency Waivers
Civil Service Regulations
CSR 30: Residency Requirements
Jobs — Employment Opportunities, Job Description, and Career Paths

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Outside Employment

Regulation of Outside Employment and Self-Employment (Executive Order)
Request to Engage in Outside Employment

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Dependent Care Reimbursement Accounts
Direct Deposit Authorization Form
Early Paycheck Release Form
Out-of-Class Request Form
Overtime/Compensatory Time Authorization and Leave Time — Policy Reminder
Payroll Processing Fact Sheet
Shift Change Request Form

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City of Philadelphia — Board of Pensions
Philadelphia 457 Deferred Compensation Plan
Retirement Notice

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Accident, Injury, and Illness (COPA II) Form
Accident, Injury, and Illness (COPA II) Instructions
Annual Employee Safety Communication
Employee Bloodborne Pathogens Exposure Report Form
Injury on Duty Compensation Clinic Panel
Injury on Duty Procedures and Forms
Medical Provider Referral Authorization and Employee Notification Form
Pennsylvania Workers and Community Right to Know
Vehicle Crash Reporting Procedures:

Vehicle Crash Form Instructions
City Vehicle Crash Report Form
City Vehicle Crash — Supplemental Form
Crash Diagram Form

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Sexual Harassment

Mayor Ed Rendell’s 1995 Statement on Sexual Harassment
Policy for Preventing Sexual Harassment in City Government
Prohibition of Sexual Harassment (Executive Order)

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Workforce Development Plan

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Out of Country Travel Notification
Fleet Policy – MDO Directive – Fleet Policy

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Management Services Department

Management Services Department (MSD)

The Management Services Division (MSD) is responsible for providing administrative services to meet the needs of DBHIDS and its staff, and works closely with a variety of partners to implement administrative functions. Among the responsibilities of MSD are human resources, planning and administrative analysis, procurement, facility management, telecommunications, transportation, reception, and many other administrative responsibilities. With its partners, MSD also assures compliance with the Right To Know Law, Integrity Program, and HIPAA requirements.