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DBHIDS Study Tours

Did you know that the DBHIDS Study Tour initiative has been in effect since summer 2008? DBHIDS has welcomed visitors from across the country and around the globe, including (but not limited to) China, Iraq, South Korea, New Zealand, Mexico, England, and Australia, to learn about its system-transformation efforts.

DBHIDS study tours offers visitors the opportunity to learn more about Philadelphia’s efforts in transforming its behavioral health and intellectual disability system around the principles of recovery and resilience.

Customized to reflect the educational interests of the individual or group, each study tour invites visitors to explore our various programs and initiatives, including public health approaches, peer support services, evidence-based practices, pay for performance, trauma-informed care, faith and spiritual affairs, crisis intervention/acute services, community integrated recovery centers, addiction services and recovery support, as well as permanent supportive housing and more.

Study tours provide opportunities for visitors and DBHIDS stakeholders to participate in an exchange of ideas, providing convenience in sharing experiences and lessons learned and building long-lasting partnerships.

To schedule a study tour, please contact