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    Promoting Mentally Healthy Cities – A talk by Dr. Arthur Evans

    The NSW Mental Health Commission in Australia hosted Dr. Arthur Evans at its annual meeting in August 2016. Dr. Evans presented a talk – “Promoting Mentally Healthy Cities.”

    DBHIDS: Transformation Decade

    In 2005, DBHIDS set out to improve and transform the city’s behavioral health and intellectual disability services system. Ten years later, in 2015, DBHIDS held a community-wide recognition event to celebrate its accomplishments and recognize the many individuals and community partners who transformed the city’s system.

    2016 Philly Happening List Bash Interview

    Dr. Arthur Evans is interviewed at the 2016 Philly Happening List Red Carpet Bash at Front & Palmer. Dr. Evans was named Philadelphia “Power Person” of the year for 2016.

    Transformation Decade Video

    Watch the DBHIDS Recovery Transformation Video and see how Philadelphia’s Recovery Transformation continues to have a positive impact on the lives of people with behavioral health needs.

    Drs. Beck and Evans Discuss Evidence-Based Practices

    Within the span of a few decades Dr. Aaron T. Beck, widely regarded as the “Father of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy,” has changed the way we think about mental health treatment. In 2007 the city of Philadelphia’s Department of Behavioral Health and Intellectual disAbility Services (DBHIDS), and Dr. Aaron Beck joined in a collaboration unlike any other to bring Cognitive Behavioral Therapy out of academia and into Philadelphia’s behavioral health system.

    Porch Light Program

    The Porch Light Program – a groundbreaking public art approach to achieving health and wellness in Philadelphia. Porch Light works closely with communities to uplift public art as an expression of community resilience and a vehicle of personal and community healing.

    Autumn Journey

    Using the poem and musical composition called “Autumn Journey,” both by Mr. Leslie Burrs of Opera North, Inc., Citygate Films created this interpretive visual piece to poetically portray the innovative changes happening in the behavioral health field in Philadelphia, Pa.

    Dr. Beck Honored with Transformation Decade Award

    Dr. Arthur Evans presenting Dr. Aaron T. Beck with the Transformation Champion Award for his distinguished contribution to the field.

    2015 Recovery Walks!

    Department Publications

    Expressions in Recovery

    Expressions in Recovery is a recovery-oriented newsletter created by and for those in recovery in collaboration with the City of Philadelphia Department of Behavioral Health and Intellectual disAbility Services.

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    Transformation Brief

    Transformation Brief:
    March 2012

    Journey of Hope, a recovery-oriented project for individuals experiencing prolonged homelessness, achieved an admirable success rate over the past several years.

    The initiative provides long-term substance abuse residential treatment and solutions for individuals experiencing chronic homelessness.

    DBHIDS Office of Addiction Services — in collaboration with the Office of Supportive Housing (OSH) — coordinates efforts to provide comprehensive substance abuse and co-occurring treatment services.

    Download Volume 4 of Transformation Brief…

    Transformation Brief:
    August 2011

    DBHIDS reached a milestone in April when it trained its 1,000th member of the Philadelphia Police Department in crisis intervention. The Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) is a collaboration between DBHIDS staff, the Philadelphia Police Department, and other stakeholders. Since 1997, DBHIDS has collaborated with the police. Philadelphia’s CIT training began in 2006.

    The nationally-renowned CIT model began in Memphis, Tennessee in 1988. It is designed to reduce conflict during encounters between police and community members with mental health challenges. CIT training emphasizes the principles of violence prevention, deescalation and community collaboration.

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    Transformation Brief:
    October 2010

    Youth placed in RTFs often encounter difficulty re-integrating with their families and communities upon discharge. Research shows a recidivism rate of 15 percent or more for these youth. Unfortunately, youth with less severe behavioral health challenges are placed in RTFs due to the lack of sufficient community-based resources.

    State and local entities recognized that increased home and community-based options promote better community integration by strengthening relationships with family members, mentors, and other caring adults in the community. As a result, efforts focused on reducing the use of out-of-state facilities while developing more community and home-based resources.

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