Assessments Centers and Crisis Response Centers in Philadelphia

Below is a map listing locations with Behavioral Assessment Centers (BAC), listed in blue, and Crisis Response Centers (CRC), listed in green. Facilities with both BAC and CRC services are listed in yellow. The BACs serve as a point of entry for mental health and addiction recovery programs and determine which level and type of care best meets the needs of people with substance use histories and challenges based on the Pennsylvania Client Placement Criteria (PCPC) assessment guidelines. In cases of emergency related to mental health or addiction-related crisis, CRCs operate 24/7 and can do emergency evaluations to help determine the most appropriate level of care and services to provide linkages to these programs. BACs provide urgent assessments for addiction services only and do not operate 24/7. In many cases, they will help link individuals using opioids to one of the community-based medication assisted treatment (MAT) providers as appropriate. To find available MAT facilities, please visit our Medication Assisted Treatment page.

Children’s Crisis Services

For assistance with a behavioral health emergency involving a child, contact the Philadelphia Crisis Response Line (formerly known as Acute Services/Mental Health Delegates/Mobile Crisis) at 215-685-6440 or the child can be taken to the nearest child-serving emergency room. Children’s Crisis Response Centers can also be viewed in the map below

If you would like to see only BACs or only CRC facilities, click the following icon on the Google Map:
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New Children’s Response Centers and Additional Resources released Jan. 5, 2018.

Assessments Centers and Crisis Response Centers

For those seeking service, it is recommended that you have ID in order to expedite admission and assessment.